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Light box to show people 'The Way'

Redeemed Pillar of Fire Church based in Southwark London, wanted a new light board to lead people to their church.  

The board was required to provide a lot of information at their request and had to incorporate a logo that represented their church. Our design team designed a new logo which included a pillar of fire as per the name of the church and a dove descending like the holy spirit.

The Church were extremely pleased with the design and Pastor said:

"I was surprised at the quality of our new logo.  It encapsulated our vision perfectly and has been admired by all members of our congregation.

"We are very pleased with the end product which is like a beacon of hope for the local community.  It shines a way to our church where we are then able to explain to people that Christ is the Way the Truth and the Light.

"I cant express our gratitude enough for the excellent work by Ex-Nihilo."

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