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Joining the dots makes life easier!


Hi I am Joel Kyari Co Director for Ex Nihilo,

Let me tell you about why I got involved in starting our creative solutions company.

Firstly during my 7 years working in the industry I noticed that there is little joining up in the field.  I noticed whilst working in my last company that they could not cater to all clients needs, so when they wanted books printed or screen printed t-shirts they would have to find other suppliers, which is a difficult thing to do as they have never been there and wouldn't know what the outcome would be. It's always nice to know that you can comfortably go to one place and get all your design and printing needs done.

This made me think I wanted to create a one stop solution for all the printing and design needs that potential clients may have. With this in mind over the last 6 years I have been compiling a list of potential suppliers with whom I have thrashed out the most competitive deals, meaning that clients obtain the best value for prices for any printables.

Secondly I found that too many companies operated using inexperienced and unqualified artists. This meant clients were being sold short on the design services with lots of inferior products and branding that made me seethe with rage. As an experienced qualified designer I wanted clients to know that there was much more on offer for them, something that would both inspire them and strengthen their corporate messaging without being over charged.

I have always wanted to put my passion for art to good use and feel that Ex Nihilo can be a vehicle for my personal growth in tandem with great productivity for clients. It is through mutual cooperation and respect that I believe optimum results can be achieved.

Really hope you will give us a chance...

Call 020 8514 2439 or email: joel@ofnothoing.co.ukfor more info. 

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Why move your business online?

Today's consumers are more connected than ever. From researching their products to reading about the company that will provide the service or product, to reading reviews, most of the interactions happen online, before they even walk through your door. So instead of letting other people tell your story, why not offer your own perspective?

Online businesses made easy

Moving your business online should not be a complicated project. Instead, it should actually improve your workflows and allow you to spend more time on actually interacting with your customers than spending time with reporting and managing stock. 

Our sites come complete with administration sections that let you seamlessly manage your clients, orders, mailing lists and support cases. 

You and your team will have no problems adapting to this easy to use system, and we are ready to offer the necessary training to help you manage your business. 

E-mailing made easy

Ever wondered how you can reach out to all those potential customers? Our sites come complete with newsletter systems and templates to help you reach people easier. Whether they fill in a form or you import an already existing customer list, once those details are in your site you can send them news on a regular basis. 

Contact our team to find out how you too can bring your business online!

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