Our name says it all, we create something out of nothing!

In the industry for over two years, we have the experience to transform any event, retail or public space with one simple aim:

To deliver your messages to their greatest potential. Whether you are a small or large company, our creative teams have the knowledge, experience and innovation to get you noticed.

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    Your logo defines you as a company, group or person, and is the most important thing you will ever have designed. Whether you are a third sector organisation or commercial entity, you will find that everything you produce will be branded with your logo.

    This symbol convey a message or an idea of what you are ‘about and expresses who you are – if your logo fails to do this, it can have awful consequences for your operation and has failed in its primary function.

    Ex Nihilo will help create a logo identity that reflects the vision and purpose of your organisation, one that will create a positive and correct impression.

    Whether you need us to create your identity from scratch, or simply to inject a lease of life into your old one, we have the appropriate mix of experience and skills to achieve the best results.

    Design for Print
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    Design for print has a critical role in the successful promotion of our clients. Internet maturity has not done away with the need for physical printing, yet too many companies ignore print, in an effort to save costs, or in the ill-held belief that the web in isolation will be enough.

    Despite the many benefits of the internet, one to one contact still remains the most effective way of securing business. No-one to date has designed an improved way to leave a sales pitch than with something physical, something that will link your potential customer back to your website or person.

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    Ex Nihilo offers a bespoke illustration service. This ensure you have the creative edge to succeed.

    With Ex Nihilo, there is no need to look elsewhere we have a comprehensive creative solutions team ready to react to your desires and needs.

    If you want to discuss new approaches or seek assistance with managing or creating change, you only need to speak to one person, resulting in utmost flexibility and essential strong coherence.

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    We can help with your photographic needs irrespective of whether you require bespoke photography or professional documentation for an event.

    Our corporate subscriptions and expertise also enable us to search photo library images to compliment your new website or physical print material. Moreover, for those who require a sharper image quality, we also offer a retouching service.

    Our photographic team can enhance images to your specific requirements or can take over the creative control if that is what you prefer.

    Web Design
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    The internet is a key player in modern day business promotion. With this in mind, we design and develop bespoke web solutions to cater for the specific needs of your business or group.

    Our creative team produce elegant website solutions that look great and deliver the return on investment you require.

    All our designs are made to be Responsive ensuring that your message reaches the widest potential audience. Our range of competitive price plans are designed to match your budget.

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